About Us

We are a training and consulting firm providing solutions in the areas of management, leadership, and REI. The goal is to help our clients achieve success in overcoming challenges with employee development, governmental requirements, or cashflow interruptions with proven strategic processes.

RAND & Associates are certified professionals in many areas of expertise including personality profiling, cohesive teambuilding, specific industry safety requirements, and estate cashflow complications.

Our team is committed to helping our clients find the source for improvements even if we are not the solution because caring and trust are the foundation of our principles. We believe that our purpose is to help you be the person that solves the issue, we just help provide the tools and knowledge to get there.

The main areas we can supply in-depth knowledge and training relates to employee development from new hire to CEO including conflict management, cohesive teambuilding, new manager, leadership laws, mentoring, interviewing, and customer relationship. Also, for the last 15 years, we have provided state-required food management training and testing for restaurant managers/owners.

Most recently because of covid induced problems our investment team has also been helping individuals and businesses with estate challenges going as far as purchasing the estate to help protect the client and provide strategic solutions.